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Coaching Curricula

How this guide can support your work

The goal of the Coach Medical Home curriculum is to equip practice facilitators—or “coaches”—with helpful tools and knowledge to effectively support practices striving for medical home transformation and NCQA PCMH™ Recognition. The curriculum is based on the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative Framework for Practice Transformation, which consists of eight Change Concepts to guide primary care transformation in a variety of settings. If you’re an experienced coach, feel free to jump straight to the module that seems most relevant to your work. If you’re new to coaching, you may want to start with the Introduction and sequentially review each module.

Curriculum overview

Coach Medical Home consists of six modules and an introduction, accessible via the links at the top left of each page on this website. In each module, you’ll find links to tools and resources that will help you coach practices through different steps on the journey toward PCMH transformation.

The six modules can be used together or separately:

  • Module 1: Getting Started helps you establish a relationship with a practice and kick start your work together.
  • Module 2: Recognition and Payment explains key contextual factors such as payment and recognition that need to be taken into account when working with a team to develop their transformation strategy.
  • Module 3: Sequencing provides a framework and coaching strategies for breaking up the transformation process into manageable phases and steps.
  • Module 4: Measurement describes the central role of measurement in transforming care—how it enables teams to identify priorities, monitor progress, and keep focused on goals.
  • Module 5: Learning Communities introduces effective strategies for encouraging teams to motivate, support and learn from each other.
  • Module 6: Sustain and Spread provides ideas for maintaining and spreading the changes beyond the active PCMH transformation period—focusing on long-term care improvements.

Each module consists of two components:

  • A facilitator’s handbook in PDF format that you can read to broaden your knowledge about key concepts and coaching tips.
  • A companion PowerPoint® presentation that you can save, modify, and use in your presentations with practice leadership and others.